Apps for Business Travellers – Part 1: Getting There

For businesspersons conducting meetings, reviewing projects or networking with prospective clients – time is precious and getting things done efficiently is of utmost importance. This is especially true for those who spend many weeks each year in different cities as a part of their work. Apart from the usual hectic schedules that have to be followed and deadlines that have to be met, they also have to take care of their travel logistics not just before or during their business trip but also after its completion. With the advent of technology in every aspect of our lives and the omnipresence of smartphones, an entire ecosystem of applications has been developed to make life simpler for business travellers. Here we look at some of the apps that help plan out the first step of one’s trip: getting there.



An all-in-one app that can find flights, hotel rooms and car bookings, Kayak is noted for its simplicity and easy to use interface. Besides the usual features, it also lets you selectively search for flights at airports within the same region, create multicity itineraries and not only search for last minute hotels but also hostels and apartments. The app also includes a currency convertor and a packing-list feature that can gently remind you to not forget your laptop charger on your next business travel!

Available for: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Costs: Free for the Basic version and for the Pro version



TripIt brings together all the individual components that make up a travel itinerary and presents in a single convenient form, which can be accessed via any device and be easily shared with anyone. Simply forward your booking emails to the app, and it will sort through the information to create an itinerary which includes flight details, hotel bookings, car rentals and restaurant confirmations. The app can also keep a track of flight schedules, warn you about cancellations, remind you about refunds and make sure that your rewards and mileage points are being added thoroughly!

Available for: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackbery

Costs: Free for the Basic version and /year for the Pro version


FlightTrack 5

If you prefer your apps to do a single task and to do them well, then FlightTrack 5 is the app for you. The app can search for flights by number, route or airport; share flight statuses via social media; predict flight delays with airport warnings along with real time status updates for airport gates, delays and cancellations for over 300 airports and 1400 airlines worldwide.

Available for: Android, iPhone

Costs: Rs 300 to buy and use


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