Cocktails for a Summer Day

With temperatures across the country soaring thanks to an unprecedented heat wave, what better way to hope that the sun goes down than to treat oneself to a refreshing sun-downer! Not that one needs any legitimate excuse to grab a drink, but delighting oneself to a well-crafted concoction is even more rewarding after a long day at the office or after a particularly gruelling meeting. Whether you are in the city for work or for leisure, when looking for a lounge in Pune look no further than Zanzibar. Let go of the day’s stresses as you sink into its refined ambience and have the beats of music takeover the dins of traffic. Indicate your preferred mix and let our talented bartenders create a drink to match your mood.
One of the cocktails that we would suggest amongst the variety that is on offer is the House Special Caprioska. Originating from South America, though this drink is made of simply vodka, fresh lime juice, sugar and topped with crushed ice and some soda, it has an absolutely uplifting feel and is the perfect first drink to set the tone for the evening. On the other hand, if you prefer a more fruity flavour to your cocktails, then go with the racy-sounding Sex on the Beach. It brings together vodka with peach schnapps over ice and is topped with a mix of orange juice and cranberry juice.
If more lethal combinations are your picking, then look no further than the VTR – a simple but strong cocktail of vodka, tequila and a can of red bull. We also have the Zanzibar Special Long Island Ice Tea. Though we use most of the expected components to make this stirring cocktail, we bring it together with a secret concoction – one that you will have to taste to find out! For those who prefer their drinks neat or on the rocks, Zazibar also offers a variety of whiskies from Blue Label to Jack Daniel; single malts like Glenlivet along with brandies, gins and rums. Beers on offer include Fosters, King Fisher and Miller High Life, while for the wine drinkers, we have our house brands of domestic as well as imported wines.
We also have a selection of pre-meal aperitifs to whet your appetite for the range of delectable snacks served at Zanzibar. If vegetarian offerings are your preference, then we suggest the Sauteed Southern Spice Mushrooms or the finger-licking Naansense – made of naan stuffed with spicy cheese and herbs. For the meat lovers, we have Parmesan Chicken Strips, potato shells stuffed with a spicy lamb mix or Mutton Sukha Kalimirch – succulent pieces of lamb with black pepper cooked on a pan with our chef’s special marinade.
End your evening by tapping to the music beats and by choosing from the range of liqueurs offered at Zanzibar. Some of the include Sambuca that is flavoured with star anise and other spices; a distilled spirit Diva Cachaça made from sugarcane juice; Galliano made of berries, peppermint and spices or Crème de Cacao – a liqueur with flavours of chocolate.
Fact File: Zanzibar is located within The Central Park Hotel – a boutique hotel in Pune situated in the centre of the city. The lounge is open daily from 7pm till midnight.

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