Design Talk: New York City Loft Style


Cities across the world have been a source of design inspiration and trends that have lasted for decades. One such movement is the “NYC Loft Style” which originated in the early 1970s in abandoned buildings that were formerly industrial, commercial or warehouse spaces. These began to attract the attention of artists and creative folks who were on the lookout to live and work in unhindered studio spaces. Over the years the trend slowly caught up as more and more city dwellers began to appreciate these sprawling lofts and the design community slowly evolved a way of loft-living that has become a style in itself.


Characteristics of the NYC Loft Style

Because of the nature of their original use, most lofts have a distinct industrial feel to them. Think of large, uninterrupted spaces with few internal walls, high ceilings, tall windows and exposed services such as air conditioning ducts and electrical conduits. Residents living in the lofts usually prefer to retain as many original features of the space as possible, such as concrete flooring that may bear the brunt of heavy machinery that was originally placed on it.


To recreate the New York City Loft Style in your own living space, it’s best to use an open-plan layout where different areas such as the kitchen, bedrooms, entertaining zone flow into each other or are separated by movable partitions. Minimalist and modern furnishings contrast well with the aged and rough shell, though the occasional vintage piece can also make a dramatic focus-point. To soften the bare floors, use rugs in complimentary colours and patterns; and don’t hesitate to put up bold art on the high walls. Consider an over-sized bookcase that runs across an entire wall, which can also double up as storage space. And employ a lighting scheme of track-lights or up-lighters so that it adds more drama to the space. For styling and accessories, go as bold as you like! Be it antique fans, industrial door handles or even a piece of machinery that can double up as a coffee table!


Experience the Loft Style at The Central Park Hotel

While on the hunt for accommodation in Pune, look no further than The Central Park Hotel – a boutique hotel near MG Road. Offering a choice of over sixty rooms and four lifestyle suites, The Central Park Hotel will ensure that you have a memorable luxury stay in Pune. One of the four lifestyle suites is The Galaxy Room, which is inspired by the design and styling of a New York City loft apartment. The style has been adapted to suit a modern hotel, with this suite boasting of a separate living area with wooden flooring and a dining area.


Seating options include casual beanbags along with sofas, making this the perfect venue to host a small gathering of guests. The separate bedroom has wall-to-wall carpeting along with its own coffee table and writing desk. In-room amenities in The Galaxy Room include an electronic safe, coffee and tea maker, a special mini bar and free unlimited wi-fi access.

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