Exploring Pune’s Neighbourhoods: Koregaon Park

One of the most prominent places in Pune, Koregaon Park is a leafy neighbourhood touching the south banks of the Mula-Mutha River. Its two arterial roads – the North Main Road and the South Main Road – are linked by a series of parallel lanes, numbered from one to seven. Historically the preferred location for the city’s elite, Koregaon Park has over the decades transformed into a prominent commercial and hospitality hub and today welcomes residents from all parts of Pune and visitors alike.


The first transformation

Some interesting facts about Pune are that prior to the 1970s, Koregaon Park had a sleepy, almost countryside-like feel to it along with narrow lanes straddled by humongous banyan trees, luxurious mansions and sprawling open spaces. The first change came with Osho establishing his ashram in Koregaon Park in 1974. From 1974 to 1981 and then from 1987 to 1990, the ashram played hosts to thousands of visitors from across the globe, that were drawn to Osho’s teachings. Keeping the nature of his philosophies aside, Koregaon Park witnessed its first transformation from a laid back neighbourhood to a buzzing one, with numerous eateries and shops catering to varied tastes.


The second transformation

With a global outlook firmly in place, it is no surprise that Koregaon Park witnessed another conversion in the last decade when it decidedly became more commercialized and accessible, while still retaining its old world charm. With Pune’s demographics changing and better connectivity to other parts of the city, a host of establishments that cater to the younger crowd have set shop in Koregaon Park, or KP as its popularly called today. The North Main Road specially is chock-a-block with shops and boutiques along with parlours and spas. Competing with the retail outlets are the many hospitality venues – open air cafes, themes restaurants and pulsating pubs – that offer a selection of global cuisines in varying ambiences.


The neighbourhood today is as popular with youngsters and college students as it is with visitors to Osho’s ashram, along with families that come to spend an evening at its shops and restaurants, as well as tourists who are keen to experience an alternate note to Pune’s usual cultural beat. Though when all the glitzy neon lights, the high-street shopping and the umpteenth cafe start to feel suffocating and monotonous, it only takes a stroll down one of the inner lanes of KP to rediscover the quaint, old-world charm and the lush green cover that make Koregaon Park a haven till today.


Getting there:

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