It’s that time of the year again – when the chill is in the air, the calendar is drawing to an end and the spirit of festivities is all around us. It’s the season for merriment and joy, for warmth and laughter and for spending quality time with loved ones. And what better way to step into the festive mode than to bring home a Christmas tree and decorate it with goodies!


Christmas Shopping

For a wide range of Christmas trees and decorations, head straight to the Camp area of Pune. Amongst the well known stores here are JP Demello and D Furtado & Sons. Take your pick from a variety of artificial trees in a number of sizes. While the larger ones can find a place in homes, smaller ones can easily brighten up a work desk. There are trees in the usual shades of green, as well as those with hints of white snow and others with twinkling fairy lights. To adorn the tree, pick from a treasure trove of bells, wreaths, follies, candles, festoons, baubles, stars, angels and other figurines.


Feasting and Drinking

Along with the decor, don’t forget to also stock up your pantry with all ingredients necessary for a lavish Christmas meal. Or you could simply bring your family and friends to Time after Time – the multi cuisine cafe at The Central Park Hotel. We are celebrating Christmas with a sumptuous buffet that includes a hot rum punch, smoked chicken bruschetta, traditional turkey and delicious pudding. Since The Central Park Hotel is conveniently located in the midst of Pune city, you can easily reach the famous St Mary’s Church or St Patrick’s Cathedral at Camp and usher in Christmas by attending the midnight mass.


The last weekend of 2014

Even after Father Christmas has bid his farewells, the festive season continues with the line up to the New Year. End the year on a high note, by making the most of the weekend that falls between the two holidays. Pune is brimming with activities from weekend treks to shopping festivals; not to mention the city’s many bakeries and cafes that need an excuse to lay out an appetizing spread! From rolls at the century old Royal Bakery and Confectionery in Camp to shrewsbury biscuits from Kayani’s – there is a treat for every craving.


Welcoming 2015

Come Wednesday the 31st, and New Year’s Eve will dawn upon us. For welcoming 2015 with a bang, gather your friends, bring along your family and join us at the Central Park Hotel where a fantastic party awaits our patrons. Enjoy the attractively priced special New Year’s buffets at our restaurant Time after Time and our lounge Zanzibar. To the beats of foot-tapping music, tuck in to a selection of lip smacking starters, fresh salads, sumptuous mains and mouth-watering desserts. And finally, as you countdown to the clock striking twelve, be thankful for the year gone by, for the moments that you cherished and look forward to making the coming year a fabulous one.


Image Credits: St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

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