A Healthy Start to 2015

After all the excitement, socialising and celebrations of the last week of 2014, the New Year has finally dawned upon us. Whether one spent the New Year’s Eve dancing away at a club or at a restaurant indulging in some good food and wine, there is no better way to welcome 2015 than on a healthy note. Yes, we know that solemn resolutions are rarely kept and most promises to oneself wane off after the first few weeks. Yet, we at The Central Park Hotel firmly believe that with the right environment, appropriate facilities and a positive vibe, no milestone is unachievable and no goal is too far!


Detoxify and Cleanse Up

The first step to a healthy new year is to detoxify the body and cleanse it up from inside to outwards. Options and therapies for these are many – ranging from sugar-free foods to liquid-only diets and from therapeutic treatments to healing rituals. Pick any that catches your fancy, but remember that this is only step one of the process. Simultaneously treat yourself to relaxing and refreshing therapies at Svahaa – the spa at The Central Park Hotel on Bund Garden Road. Begin with a warm foot massage, followed by a treatment chosen from our extensive Spa Menu and a reinvigorating shower. A cup of herbal team completes the pampering and gets you in the right frame of mind to relax and unwind.


Workout to Stay Fit

Whether you run, cycle, swim, play a sport or pump iron – pick a form of exercise and stick to it. A great option that works out the whole body, and is suitable for all ages is swimming. Not only does it build endurance and tone the muscles, but also improves coordination, flexibility and provides a full body workout. Check out the rooftop swimming pool at The Central Park Hotel in Pune Camp area to practise your strokes and complete some laps.


On the other hand, if you prefer to exercise with the aid of machines or free weights we are pleased to offer an extensive range at Spark, the health club at The Central Park Hotel, conveniently located near Pune station. Choose between cardio and weight-training exercises and consult with the personal trainers to create a workout plan that is tailor made to your requirements.


Eat Healthy to Be Healthy

The last, but definitely not the least important part of the process, is to be conscious of one’s diet. While we are not advocating any extreme fads or over the top measures, we do believe that “what you eat is what you are”. Begin with the simple step of increasing your water intake to about eight glasses a day. Avoid unhealthy snacks or greasy fast foods and instead stick to fresh fruit or dried nuts when hunger pangs strike in the midst of the day. Stop by Time After Time, the restaurant at The Central Park Hotel in Pune, for a range of delicious, healthy meals from Indian, Oriental and European cuisines. Or if grilled foods are your preferred option, then drop into Smoke on the Water, our rooftop venue for poolside dining or for a poolside function in Pune.

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