Packing Efficiently for Business Travel

Travelling for business involves a peculiar situation where one needs to be dressed to the T but at the same time needs to travel light, so as to quite literally not be weighed down by one’s baggage. With many business travellers spending countless weeks each year travelling from one location to another, having an efficient packing method can not only save hours of time but also ensure that all the items that one may need are present in one’s bags. Here are some tips for packing efficiently for your next business trip:

Carry-on bag over checked-in luggage

The foremost tip is to make sure everything one needs can fit into a carry-on bag. Studies have shown that frequent business travellers can save days-worth of time each year by simply travelling with no checked-in luggage. Not only can one skip the long queues at check-in counters but one also does not have to wait at the baggage belts. De-board from the airplane, enter the airport and directly walk-off towards the exit.

Pack outfits carefully

Board room meetings call for a specific attire while on-site inspection visits demand their own dress code.Know what the schedule is and pack accordingly. Darker trousers offer more versatility and can be paired with a range of shirts, by both men and women. Women can also create multiple looks by carefully picking the accessories that they pack. If one is going to hit the gym or the pool while on a business trip, then pack those clothes at the bottom of the bag while those that are prone to wrinkles should be placed on the top.

Limit number of paraphernalia and repeated items

Begin by choosing to stay in a hotel that offers great amenities and then do not hesitate in using the same. One would rather spend a little extra on dry cleaning services than carry over half a dozen outfits for a week-
long business trip. For example, when looking for hotel amenities in Pune look no further than The Central Park Hotel. Not only does the hotel offer a range of amenities including bathroom products, working desks with stationery and laundry services, but it also has a special Executive Floor with rooms that cater specifically to business travellers.

Keep documents and chargers handy

Files, papers and other documents that are a part of one’s business trip should be kept in a separate compartment, so as to not mix them up with any others items. Also keep some pouches handy for receipts and bills that one needs to be reimbursed for, after the trip. Lastly, remember to charge all electronic devices before departing and be sure to carry along all their respective charges as well.
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