Relax, Revive and Refresh at Svahaa -The Spa

Our hectic city-lives with pressures of work and home, coupled with stresses of daily commutes and thegenerally polluted environs that we live in, lead to all sort of harmful toxins that find their way into our bodies. While many of these are physical, the mental ones can be equally distressing and take a toll on one’s health and wellbeing. One way to ease away the worries of daily life is to engage in a treatment in a spa in Pune. Not only do these spa treatments de-stress and detoxify our bodies, but they are also a great way of quickly indulging and pampering oneself.


Spa treatments can range from acupressure and aroma therapies to massages, scrubs and exfoliations. To make the most of your spa experience, be sure to check up with the therapist while making your appointment. Have them thoroughly describe the various treatment processes to you and do not hesitate to raise any concerns. While on the treatment table, in the midst of a therapy, do let the therapist know if you experience any pain or discomfort. Also let him or her know whether the pressure they are applying is optimal, or whether you would like it to be lighter or heavier.


When considering a spa in Pune, look no further than Svahaa – The Spa at The Central Park Hotel that offers a variety of skin care treatments, facials and body massage in Camp area of the city. Stop by after a long day at work for one of our Quick Heal treatments. Opt for Foot Reflexology to revitalize the different zones of your body or de-stress with a Back Massage. For those working away at a desktop or laptop all day, the Head-Neck-and-Shoulder Massage is the perfect to relax and unwind. Before an important event you can also opt for a body exfoliation treatment to get rid of dead skin cells or pick a body mask to hydrate and renew your skin.


If you are looking for stimulating blood circulation, relaxing tight muscles and easing any cramps, then go ahead with a 60 or 90 minute Swedish Therapy session with our trained therapist. Using medium pressure massage strokes that include kneading and gliding, muscles are warmed up and knots are slowly broken down. For deeper and firmer pressure and to stimulate blood-flow in a particular area of the body, choose a Deep Tissue Therapy – which is especially great after a workout session in Spark – The Health Club.


For the complete experience that begins with a consultation and a foot ritual, followed by the main therapy, gentle body stretches and ends with a refreshing healthy bite, indulge in one of our Signature Therapies. Amongst the four different treatments in this category, the Four Hand Synchronised Therapy is performed by two therapists who simultaneously use synchronised movements to lead the body into a deep mode of relaxation while letting one’s mind reach a state of pure bliss. A cup of herbal tea completes the experience, following which you can head to one of our restaurants to indulge in a relaxed meal in Pune.

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