Shopping in Pune

Thanks to its hundreds of years of history as well as its large student and young-professionals population, Pune offers a variety of destinations to shop till one’s heart is content. Ranging from traditional street markets to independent stores and multi-brand malls, here is a pick of the places in Pune that offer the most interesting shopping experiences.

Mahatma Gandhi Road

One of the most prominent avenues in Pune, MG Road is lined with a mixture of high-street brands, new age boutiques as well as local shops that have been around for decades. It also offers options for inexpensive street-wear and a multitude of dining options from restaurants to bakeries. In the midst of hopping from one shop to another, be sure to stop at the Kayani’s Bakery to pick up some of its delectable Shrewsbury biscuits.

Lakshmi Road

A four kilometre long road that cuts across the heart of Pune’s old city, Lakshmi Road presents a delightful range of sights, sounds and shops if one is brave enough to bear the hustle and bustle of the old city. Named after the Goddess of Wealth, it is only fitting that this street be most well known for its jewellery stores and saree shops. As one of the oldest shopping streets of Pune, it has also been popular with locals over generations and wears a festive look during the Ganpati and Diwali festivals.

Juna Bazaar

Literally meaning “Old Bazaar” the market at Juna Bazaar is the place to head to for knick-knacks, antique pieces and other random paraphernalia. One can never be very sure of what one may find, but expect a variety of items from necklaces and old silk sarees to second hand objects and antique coins. The Bazaar runs bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays on a stretch of the Veer Santaji Ghorpade Road and can be easily reached from a hotel near Pune railway station.

Independent Stores

Numerous stores across Pune offer great options for items as varied as handicrafts and books. For products such as bags, jewellery boxes, warli artworks and soft toys handcrafted by local women, head to the Smile Handicraft Store in the historic Vishrambaug Wada. For books dedicated to art, design and travel as well as for stylish home and office stationery head to the CMYK Bookstore in Koregaon Park. And for creative home accessories made from ceramics, pick ADIPA’s products in stores across the city.

Malls and more

For those who prefer to shop within the air-conditioned environs of a mall, Pune offers dozens of options spread across nearly every neighbourhood of the city. Combining multiple retail, dining and entertainment options, Pune’s malls offer as many choices of branded shops, department stores and designer boutiques as any of their contemporaries in other cities of India.

Fact File

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