Sleeping Well in Hotel Rooms

One of the most coveted wishes of modern day lives has nothing to do with the latest trend or the most recent technology. It is in fact one of the most primary of human needs, but often easily overlooked: a good night’s sleep! Sleeping well in the comforts and familiar environs of one’s home can be a challenge in itself. And when one is travelling and spending nights in a hotel room, it gets doubly tricky. Whether on a business trip or on a holiday, here are some tips to sleep peacefully in a hotel room:

While making a booking

Feel free to enquire with the hotel about the quietest rooms that they can offer and ones that are away from gathering areas such as lobbies and restaurants. Where possible, book a room on a floor that is away from banquet halls or nightclubs – loud thumping noises and deep bass beats can easily travel across a floor slab.

Wisely choose the hotel room

Most hotels offer a choice of rooms that vary in size and amenities. For example when looking for luxury accommodation in Pune, The Central Park Hotel offers a choice of rooms and suites. Choose one that matches your requirements – if travelling with one’s partner one might prefer a double bed; with kids in tow one can opt for a suite with two bedrooms and on business trips one can choose a room with twin beds.

Pack smartly

Be sure to bring along a pair of earplugs in case there is ambient noise that prevents you from sleeping peacefully, as well as an eye-mask to block out any stray traces of light. Bring along a favourite book that one would usually read at home and any other items that form a part of one’s pre-sleeping habits. Some avid travellers also recommend carrying one’s own pillowcases or even bed sheets – all in order to make the hotel environment as similar to one’s home as possible.

Explore the hotel’s offerings

Many hotels offer a selection of pillows for their guests. If the ones in the room are too soft or too firm, do not hesitate to inquire with the housekeeping for any other options. Some hotels may offer a specific bed-time snack option while luxury hotels also offer turn-down services that include preparing the bed linen for the night.

Just before bed

Avoiding electronics, alcohol and large meals just before bed help put the body at ease and go a long way in calming one’s senses. Also try a soothing warm shower, some light stretches or a relaxing glass of milk before bedtime. When staying in a hotel, be sure to hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door in case you want to sleep in.

Fact File

While searching for hotel rooms in Pune, look no further than The Central Park Hotel’s range of Smart Space Rooms, Superior Rooms and Lifestyle Suites. While each option offers a different decor, they all have one aspect in common: a warm, inviting vibe and a quiet, relaxing ambience that helps attain a good night’s sleep.

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