Tips for Business Travellers

As a prominent hub for industries of all kinds – from the manufacturing and automotive ones that began operations decades ago, to the new age IT and R&D based ones – Pune has been attracting thousands of business travellers each year. The original longstanding business districts at Camp and Bund Garden Road in the central parts of Pune, now coupled with the IT Parks at Hinjewadi and Baner on the western side and the SEZs of Hadapsar on the eastern side, have given the city an all-round potential for development of businesses across sectors. Here are some tips to make the most of your next business trip.


Pack light

Time is precious for business travellers and there are many situations that can cause an inordinate delay – long check-in queues, a never ending wait at the baggage belt, or the worst case scenario of an airline misplacing your bags and throwing your entire planned schedule out of gear. In such cases, it’s best to pack light and carry everything within your hand baggage. Plan out your wardrobe around a single pair of formal footwear and for longer trips, don’t hesitate to use the laundry services of your hotel. Most hotels will also gladly provide you with additional items that you may not have a chance to pack – from boot polish to phone chargers.


Choose a well located hotel

When travelling to a new city, some minutes spent beforehand in planning the stay can save many frustrating hours of transit and commute. Look up the locations of your business meetings or exhibitions and choose your hotel accordingly. In case of appointments at opposite ends of a city, it is best to base yourself in the city centre. For example, new business parks and industries in Pune are coming up on either end of the city and hence The Central Park Hotel’s property in the city centre makes it the best location to access both sides and for business hotels in Pune. The hotel is also conveniently located close to Pune’s railway station, bus stand and the central business districts of MG Road, Koregaon Park and Bund Garden.


A healthy start to the day

Give a kick start to your body and make the most of a gruelling schedule by starting your day with a healthy breakfast. Best eaten within two hours of waking up, a breakfast spread is at its most optimum when it is high on nutrition and low on fatty items. At hotel buffets, pick lean meats, omelettes of egg whites, light Indian dishes and fresh fruit. Stay away from canned juices as well as too many goodies from the dessert trays. At Time After Time, The Central Park Hotel’s multi-cuisine restaurant in Pune, we offer a selection of dishes from across cuisines, which our talented chefs shall be happy to prepare as per your preferences.


Get a good night’s sleep

Perhaps the most underrated of all traveller’s tips, getting adequate sleep is the key to making the most of your waking hours. Turning off electronics a good while before, indulging in a relaxing shower and reading a couple of pages are known to calm the senses and induce one to fall asleep. The Smart Space rooms at The Central Park Hotel are best suited to business travellers, for a productive day as well as a peaceful night.

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