Travelling in Large Groups

The summer month of May sees a particular ritual being repeated across numerous households in the country. With examinations having been completed, schools shut for the break and the kids being a bundle of energy waiting to find release, it is the perfect time to indulge in a vacation. And what better way to bond with the grandparents, catch up with the cousins or get to know a visiting aunt than to bring them along all along and enjoy a leisurely family holiday. As tempting as this may sound, there is only a thin line that separates an enjoyable holiday from one where tempers run high and sulky faces abound. Here are some tips and ideas to make sure that your next holiday with a large group is a memorable one:


Plan well in advance

Starting right from the initial planning stage, keep all members in the loop and hear out all opinions regarding choice of destinations, hotel stays, transport options, sightseeing lists and so on. Once a decision has been made and the bookings have been done, be sure to send everyone a copy of the itinerary. As much non-vacation like as this may sound, nothing is worse than waiting in a hotel lobby for a relative who assumed that the day’s plans begin only post lunch!


Be realistic

The amount of time required for an entire group to get ready and hit the road is much more than what it takes two people to do the same. Keep this in mind while planning your trip, while also remembering that not all spots can be reached within the same day. You might, for example, decide to visit places around Pune while staying at a luxury accommodation in Pune. Keep in mind that this would require an entire day, and any other attractions within the city will need to be visited on a different day.


Allow for free-time

With different personalities, age groups and enthusiasm levels coming together, it is more than necessary to allocate some free time where each member of the group can decide to do what they like. And for this, it is best to choose a hotel that with varied amenities. At The Central Park Hotel for instance, while some members may decide to grab a drink in our lounge in Pune, the others might be interested in body massage in Camp at Svahaa – The Spa.


Amenities at Central Park Hotel for large groups

A boutique hotel in Pune, situated in the central parts of the city, we offer a host of amenities at The Central Park Hotel that include a variety of accommodation options, recreational venues and dining experiences. For travellers in large groups, we offer tailor made packages that can be customized to suit the group’s preferences.


Along with interconnecting rooms, we also have the Emerald suite room in Pune that is ideal for large groups.


Not only can families travelling with children stay within the same suite but we can also lay out meals for 8 to 10 persons within this same space.

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